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Demetrio, Myths and Symbols, Philippines. Sogawa Tsuneo 45H. Knecht, Peter 46H. Flick, Jr. Hugh M. The Myth of the Descent of the Heavenly Grandson. Tajima Mami 49H. Swiderski, Richard M. Tossing the Tiger: Performance in the Malay Wayang. Tan Chee-Beng H. Handoo, Lalita H.

Indian Numskull Tales: Form and Meaning. Fontenrose, Joseph 45H. Tyler, Susan C. Akaike Noriaki H. Review of: Gaudenz Domenig, Tektonik im primitiven Dachbau. Review of: Joanne P. Immoos, Thomas H. Hsieh, Jiann H. Tun, Than H. Fox, James J. Thundy, Zacharias P. Review of: Rex A. Brenneis, Donald 46H. Sugimoto Yoshio H. Konishi Masatoshi A. Review of: G. Elwell-Sutton, L. The Music of the Lisu of Northern Thailand. Poulsen, Anders H.

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Burr, Angela H. Ma, L. Eve Armentrout H. Sri, Padmanabhan S. Review of: Robert A. Review of: Wilhelm E. Dolby-Stahl, Sandra H. Review of: Venetia J. Newall, Folklore Studies in the Twentieth Century. Michael 48H. Review of: Klaus J. Bestor Theodore C. Review of: Albert G. Suleski, Roland H. Handoo, Jawaharlal 48H. Review of: Brenda E. Helstien, Melvyn H. Review of: Gene H. Golandski, Rachel S. Grayson, James Huntley 49H. Lee Kwang Kyu H. Kendall, Laurel H.

horoscope francais journal des femmes

Walker, Anthony R. Ury, Marian H. Review of: Atelia Clarkson and Gilbert B.

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Cross, World Folktales. Z'graggen, John H. Tyler, Royall H. Review of: W. Moeran, Brian 50H. Review of: William J. Prunner, Gernot H.

Review of: Roger L. Viernes-Enriquez, Joy H. Hartman, John F. Uchibori Motomitsu H. Kitamura Tadashi 51H. Mundkur, Balaji and Joseph Fontenrose H. Analysis of Cinderella Motifs, Italian and Japanese. Ting, Nai-tung 51H. Richman, Paula H. Bhatnagar, Manju H. The Other Woman in Indian Folklore. Hardacre, Helen H.

Primer of Sidereal Astrology by Cyril Fagan, Roy Firebrace | Annuaire du livre en ligne

Review of: Francis A. Gillespie John K. Metevelis, Peter H. Hart, Harriett H. Review of: Leonardo N. Mercado, Research Methods in Philippine Context. Francisco, Juan R.

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  • Z'graggen,John H. McElhanon, From the Mouths of Ancestors.

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    Ting, Nai-tung H. Thiel-Horstmann, Monika H. Review of: Bonnie C.

    Guild Wars: Bd. 1: Die Geister von Ascalon

    Knecht, Peter 53H. Mundkur, Balaji and Uchibori Motomitsu H. Mandegan: Introduced and translated. Unabia, Carmen Ching H. The Concept of Time Among the Mangyans. Grima, Benedicte H.